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Carbon Emission Reductions

TerraClear Ceramic Water Purifier Project in Lao PDR - GS2095

Drinking untreated water from contaminated sources often results in serious illness and in many cases death. Boiling drinking water before consumption is effective in reducing the risk of disease, but it also creates serious pressure on already diminishing Lao forests. 

Households that use TerraClear’s water filter typically reduce or eliminate boiling water for drinking. Families no longer spend long hours collecting fuel wood or making or buying charcoal in order to boil drinking water.

The filter requires no energy source to use. By reducing the need for fuel wood and charcoal used in a household, each filter reduces the stress on local forest resources and reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

Based on these environmental and social benefits, TerraClear has registered as a carbon project through the Gold Standard Foundation (GS2095).

We welcome your feedback. If you have any comments, please contact us via the “Contact Us” page.

Alternatively, you may provide project feedback directly to the Gold Standard Foundation. The Gold Standard can be contacted via email at info@goldstandard.org or via phone +44 (0) 22 788 7080. Please reference the TerraClear Project Number (GS2095) in any correspondence with the Gold Standard.